Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 13 - New York, Part 3.2

After Central Park, we tried to see more of New York as much as we can. Still keeping with our gustatory theme, we resolved to taste the best of New York that this wonderful city can offer.

We went to this place called Levain Bakery that according to Carlo, sells the best chocolate chip cookies in town. I just had to try it

This gives you a perspective on how humongous this cookie was.

Next stop was MoMA (The Museum of the Modern Art). Unfortunately, when we got there, it was closed (they close on Tuesdays!). We just contented ourselves on taking pictures of the exterior design and shopping at the MoMA store.

We were getting hungry and it was past lunch time already. Carlo took us to another hole-in-the wall type restaurant called Totto Ramen over at 52nd street. As the lunch rush was over, the line outside the place was not that long. We waited for around 10 minutes before our name was called.

Carlo ordered the vegetarian ramen (first picture below) while Leo and I got the ramen with charsiu pork (second picture below) each. It was absolutely delicious!

With our bellies full of the wonderful ramen, we decided to brave the throngs of Time Square and try to see if we can find cheap Broadway tickets. However, when we got there the lines were so long that we opted not to watch anymore and just see the sights.

If you notice Bumblebee in the background, it was the premier night of the new Transformers movie (or was that the next night).

Wandering around, we decided to see the Statue of Liberty. Since we did not endure the long lines going to Ellis Island (and practically wasting what's left of our day), we took the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Lady from the ferry. So we got on a subway train up to the end of the line. From there, we lined up to take the ferry which left every 15 minutes. Best of all, it was free! Have a couple of nice pictures below.

All tired out from the day of walking, we took the train back to Hoboken and picked up Nicole (Leo's cousin). We all went to dinner to a place called Grimaldi's. Great pizza. Here we are chatting it up. (In our hunger, we forgot to take pictures of the really scrumptious pizzas that we ordered).

From there, we walked the downtown main street looking for dessert and we found a nice ice cream place called Rita's. I ordered a mixed ice with sundae. It was absolutely yummy!

We went to Newport to gaze at the NYC skyline across the river while waiting for sunset. Take note of the St. Scho Swatch! :)

And our photo with part of the NYC skyline. I think that's the Empire State Building in the background.

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