Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day 16 - Gales Ferry, Connecticut

The first of July, being a Friday, was time for mom and her husband to head off to their home in Gales Ferry, CT. It's easier to get there from Shelter Island compared to the trip that we took from NJ.

We took the ferry to Greenport and we drove up to Orient Point, the end point of Eastern long Island. From there, we took the Cross Sound Ferry services which took us across the channel to New London, CT. Gales Ferry is a mere 15 minutes from the port of New London.

Here's a picture of the bridge that we crossed from the port going to Gales Ferry.

Arriving at the house, we put away our stuff and got ready for dinner at a place in Noank called The Fisherman Restaurant. We managed to get a table with a nice view.

After dinner, we drove around Noank to look at the old houses. I think the oldest one that I saw was built during the early 1800s. The town is a small fishing village where they have more ship/boat yards than churches. Look them up in wikipedia.

I was able to take pictures of the houses but since we were in the car, the shots were not so good. Nevertheless, here they are. Advanced apologies for the crummy shots.

I like the house in the last picture but it somehow reminds me of a haunted house (shudder).

Nevertheless, I wish I was able to take better pictures. I really liked that village. Like a blast from the past.

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