Friday, August 09, 2013

Happiness is...

Whenever I hear the word "happiness", a song from Charlie Brown (which was also sung locally by Lea Salonga and her brother Gerard in one of their concerts) comes to mind:

Happiness is finding a pencil.
Pizza with sausage.
Telling the time.
Happiness is learning to whistle.
Tying your shoe for the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band.
And happiness is walking hand in hand.
Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.
Knowing a secret.
Climbing a tree.
Happiness is five different crayons.
Catching a firefly.
Setting him free.

Happiness is being alone every now and then.
And happiness is coming home again.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and night time too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.

Happiness is having a sister.
Sharing a sandwich.
Getting along.
Happiness is singing together when day is through,
And happiness is those who sing with you.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.

And if you want to sing along, here's the song:

I've been in the doldrums lately and I've been repeating the mantra "happiness is a decision and not a feeling". I want to decide to be happy but extenuating circumstances are forcing me to rethink that decision. It could be the reason why I'm keeping myself busy to keep myself from facing it.

There's also "God has a plan for me" and "God's timing is always perfect" which I posted in my timeline. I know these things but it's so hard to keep them to heart when you're being battered by negativity. I cannot afford to break and I know that I'll be back to my old jolly self in a few days time.

In the meantime, please pray for those who would need more prayers than me. I know my concerns are insignificant compared to those who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses or those who are struggling with their lives and relationships. However, if you can still say a small prayer for me, it would be a big help.

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