Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm stuck here in school waiting for my class to finish two midterm tests. Yes, I'm proctoring for the other teacher as she's still on bed rest. I'm feeling a wee tad guilty (just a little bit) as my bonus question is harder than the actual exam. But well, I guess that's the reason why it's a bonus question. I guess it's my way of making my class listen in the future as they always tend to become talkative whenever there's an ongoing recitation. My bonus question is based on their recitations and if they are listening to me instead of discussing some side issues with their seatmates, that question will be very easy.

As an update, my department chair requested me to take on the class previous to my time slot. It seems the professor is experiencing a delicate pregnancy and would not be able to make it to class the rest of the term. I don't mind the additional income although I'll be learning the subject from scratch. Good thing I have some sort of background knowledge on the subject as it's mostly about my job but on a different perspective.

Reading through my post yesterday, I'm glad I made the conscious decision to be happy today. I remember walking in the mall yesterday telling myself that I will be happy and I'm glad I did. I do not like feeling depressed or wallowing in self pity. I finally took to heart the pep talks that I've been giving myself yesterday and it finally did the trick.

Prayers are still welcome. :)

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