Sunday, March 09, 2014

Norman Reedus

There's something about Norman Reedus that makes me root for him in Walking Dead. Though he started off as a redneck, he has somehow evolved into a very likeable character at Season 4 of this series juggernaut.

I just watched E12S4 of Walking Dead and I am again obsessed over him. I don't know if it's the penetrating glare or the vibes that he give but he's just so oh-some!

I wish I have some artistic talent so I can make some fan-art for him as Daryl so I'll just watch youtube videos of him and continue to watch Walking Dead and hope against hope that he'll be one of the last men standing. What makes him cooler is his crossbow. Whenever I make an RPG character, she always has a bow.

Here are some of my favorite Norman Reedus interviews:

It's odd. It seems that he hasn't guested in Ellen yet. I couldn't find an interview of him in Youtube appearing in her show. I wish she would guest him.

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