Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NCIS: Goodbye, TIVA

A few posts ago, I noted how much I've grown to love NCIS, which was the most watched program in the US since season 7 and reaching number one in season 10--which was the best season, in my opinion. It was the year of the TiVa (a play on Tony and Ziva's names--two of the characters in the show who are romantically linked--sort of) and sadly, the last season of Ziva David.

In today's episode (S12 E6), they finally discussed Ziva ever since she left last year. Yes, only a couple of dozen of episodes later that they said her name once again. I really feel so sad for Tony and it pains me to see how much he's still pining and missing her.

I can't believe I'm this much invested in these fictional personalities. Maybe that's why I love the show so much. Its characters are so interesting and they don't just let the story be all about the cases. Not like what's happening in the recent season of CSI where it's all cases-cases-cases. So sad that it had to happen 15 years into the series.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels that Tony and Ziva should end up together. There are several fan videos uploaded in youtube that pays tribute to their characters. The one below is nice--just ignore the grammatical and spelling errors. The person who made the video really captured all the special moments (oh, and the editing needs work too).

Now, I wonder if Tony will be able to move on with another love and if that person will be someone that will be accepted by the TiVa fans.

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