Monday, November 17, 2014

Product Review: Olay Moisturizer and Beauty Bar

Disclaimer: I got the product for free but we were not required to write a review. I am just happy that I found a product that actually works!

I'm not usually a fan of beauty products. Growing up, I didn't pay too much attention on my skin. I just started wearing moisturizer and using facial cleansers after I graduated from College and was able to buy my own. Prior to that, it was just soap and water for me. 

I remember starting off with the usual supermarket variety--Eskinol and Nivea were my staples then. I didn't wear make-up so I felt that there was no need for a facial wash. As I grew older and moved companies, I met colleagues who were more skin conscious and who gave me useful pointers on how to put on make-up. I also studied informally but I feel like I need to learn more.

Since I now wear all these gunk on my face, it was imperative that I find the right product to wash my face with and of course, moisturize. I'm not actually sure what my skin type is but I noticed my face gets dry a lot, especially after taking a bath. When I was also a child, I remember the skin on palms peeling off during cold season as my skin lacks moisture. Make-up base powder also changes color after being applied on my face. So, I must have dry skin and acidic to boot.

It took time until I found the product that is suitable for my skin. My mom sends us products from the US and after trial and error, I found out that my skin was  compatible with Neutrogena or Cetaphil because of its hypoallergenic properties. I also stocked up on Ivory soap as it's gentle enough for my skin, as well as my husband's.

For more than 7 years, I have always used Neutrogena as my day and night moisturizer. I loved it enough that I also used their facial wash and scrub, as well as toner (although, I still have to figure out when to use it). My skin was just ok. Nothing spectacular. I figured since these are mild products, I shouldn't expect much.

A few months ago, I got a text from Citibank saying that I was qualified to be given a gift pack from Olay. Since I've always been curious about Olay, I called the given number and they said they'll deliver my samples in a few days. True enough, I received a couple of products in the mail: Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Moisturizer with spf 15 and Olay Total Effects Moisturizing Bar.

I was rather hesitant in trying them out. In fact, it was days before I actually opened the pack. The only thing I knew about Olay was I have associated it with my grandmother as she's a regular user of their moisturizer when she was still alive. 

Anyway, I first tried out the facial moisturizer. Since I was not sure how it will turn out, I just used it during the evening. After a few days, I noticed that my skin felt smoother and the lines actually disappeared! Moreover, my face does feel oily in the afternoon. Encouraged by the results, I also started using it as my moisturizer in the morning prior to putting on make-up. After almost a month of using it, I could gladly say that I am a very pleased convert and will definitely buy another bottle when this one runs out.
Just recently, I remembered the beauty bar that they also sent. I didn't want to use it as my experience with moisturizing bars were not that good. Dove, which they say is 1/4 moisturizing cream makes my face and skin dry up. I've never attempted to use any other moisturizing soap ever since. So I was not really sure if their beauty soap will also be a dunce. But my curiosity won the battle so I unpacked it and used it last weekend. 
Lo and behold, their soap also works! My skin felt smooth and silky after use and my face did not feel tight afterwards. In my excitement, I immediately bought 6 bars afterwards and told my husband to just use the Ivory soap while I use this. I also use it alternately with my Neutrogena facial wash and scrub.

Other than the 2 other products, I also use Olay Eye Cream which also works wonders!

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