Thursday, January 01, 2015

English Only, Please! Surely!

I don't usually watch MMFF movies, in fact, I can't remember the last time I watched one. Ten years ago, I would resent the festival as it would not let me watch my Lord of the Ring series until January. However, the recent years has shown an influx of quality movies. Though I was only able to watch one this year, it was definitely worth the P500 that I had to shell out.

Century City Mall Premiere
Since my husband refused to accompany me, I made plans with a friend to watch it at a mall that I haven't been before--Century City Mall. 
It's an upscale mall found in the middle of Makati's red light district--Kalayaan corner Makati Avenue. First time I saw a Pandora store and it also has Uniqlo and Cotton On--even TWG!

After having lunch at a Japanese restaurant, we found out that the movie is showing at the mall's premier cinema which costs P500 per ticket. It comes with unli popcorn and a 16oz drink. We were very pleased also with the seats as they were very comfy recliners. There as I was posing in the empty theater (we got the first showing and we were the first people inside the theater).


I first knew about the film after seeing the trailer above in my FB feed. I was charmed by the actors and the dialogue so I knew I had to watch it.

Even if the story might be familiar to some, I like the way it was presented. Julian (Derek Ramsey) searched online for a tutor to help him translate a hate letter into Tagalog and after an extensive search found Tere (Jennelyn Mercado). Apparently, Julian's Filipino girlfriend left him and he wants to get back at her by following her to the Philippines and telling her how he felt in Filipino. Tere is also a stupid person when it comes to love as she lets herself be used by an ex-BF who continues to cheat on her.

Jennelyn Mercado's acting was very real (she somehow reminds me of Sarah Geronimo when she first acted with John Lloyd Cruz). Mercado's take on Tere Madlangscay was very likeable and you will identify with her and her stupidity when it comes to love. 

Derek Ramsey is his usual charming self. His character's attempt to speak Tagalog was very delightful. I'm glad he didn't have to do some pa-cute stuff and he acted his age. Though you would have to suspend your disbelief on how one can spend $1000 to ask someone to teach him tagalog. Julian must indeed be heartbroken over his ex-gf.

My only complaint was that most of the laughter-inducing dialogues were featured in the trailer. It's a movie that won't make you fall off your seats laughing (like what Kimmy Dora did to me), but you'll definitely feel good afterwards and won't make you feel that you were robbed.

Oh and they featured the song below in the movie. One of the best songs in my 90's childhood. It's my LSS up to now.

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