Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Sa Tamang Panahon

Eat Bulaga came up with an ALDUB song writing contest last February. If I'm not mistaken, it went on for several months and it was only on February that they announced the winner.

The song below was my favorite but it did not unfortunately get the top prize (the winner was another catchy tune and is being played during the Sugod Bahay segment).

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Felmar Rowell said...

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I read here in one of your blogs that you have a copy of it, and that it can be bought at the PhilAmLife branches, but one commented that it is also out of stock in the PhilAmLife branches.

I am an avid fan of the Philippine Madrigal Singers, and it would be supreme joy for me to acquire a hard or digital copy of this album by the Madz.

So, may I beseech you to please let me copy your audio CD copy of this album, so that I can have a copy of it also?

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Early thanks, and God bless you all ways.