Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pain it Is

My foot felt better yesterday. Nevertheless, I didn't go out and stayed at home to do my paper, only going out with Leo for dinner (Carlo's Pizza in BF--yummy food but it was too cold. My 4 cheese pizza became stone cold after a few minutes).

However, when I woke up this morning, my left foot felt painful again. I got up, tried putting my weight on it and I yelped out in pain. Since Leo was picking me up to go to mass, I tried to get ready as quickly as I could, hobbling around in my painful foot. I hobbled to the 2nd floor bathroom but it was locked! Moreover, there was no water! Hell, we just had water delivered yesterday. There must be a busted pipe in one of the bathrooms that caused the water to waste away. So I slowly hopped down the stairs and asked one of the maids to bring me water in the downstairs bathroom. I propped up my foot on one of the stools and took a bath as quickly as I could. By the time I was done and getting dressed in my room, the water delivery truck arrived, and with it, Leo's message on my cellphone that he's on his way.

When I went out the bedroom door, there was some sort of commotion going on downstairs. Apparently, they discovered the broken pipe and the downstairs bathroom (where I just took a bath) was flooded. The maids were asking me what to do and I just looked at them blankly. What do I know about plumbing?! And you expect me to wade into the flooded bathroom with my sore foot?! Good thing my grandmother and the fix-all-around guy was there and they took care of it.

So we went to church and I sat on the pew with my leg propped up on the kneeler. I knew it was not elevated enough and I could feel it getting more painful by the minute. It did not help that I insisted to stand on the parts where people were supposed to stand. In the end, Leo got tired of me flinching in pain that he told me to just sit down throughout the mass-which I did. After the mass, I hopped down the stairs with Leo's assistance, but I told him to get the car while I negotiate the last few steps. Unfortunately, I realized I wouldn't get anywhere without any assistance, so I tried to slowly hop down the stairs. Apparently, someone took pity on me that this lady and her companion approached me and helped me down the stairs. They even took me to the car and ensured I was safely inside. I was very touched by their kindness. Obviously, I'm not the type would ask help from total stranges.

Here I am now at Leo's house doing this blog with my leg/foot propped up on a chair. Leo already rebandaged my foot and I was crying while he was doing that. I don't know why I cried. My foot was not as painful as last Thursday, maybe I felt frustrated, or maybe I was just touched by the gesture of the stranger who helped me earlier. Whatever it is, I felt better afterwards.

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