Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why I Love CSI

I actually wrote this blogpost on paper but the problem now is, I can't remember where I placed it! So, I hope I can still write from memory.

I've been watching CSI since it first came out in AXN more than four or five years ago. I remembered my friends giving me the complete season 1 on dvd for my birthday. I was hooked by the twists and puzzles presented by the stories. It had become a habit for me to set aside Wednesday night (and Sunday lunch/dinner) just to be able to watch the episodes.

The episode this week was one of my favourites. It's the last episode of a two-part series, and it made me cry! Now, a TV show hasn't done that to me for quite some time so this must've been really special. Well, I guess it was.

The story basically is about a police officer and a civilian who died in a shooting match between the police and some thugs. As it turns out, the police was killed by friendly fire and the fatal shot coming from Jim Brass. The civilian was killed by one of the suspects who tried to escape (the father of the victim initially blamed the police). On the wake held for the officer, Jim went to pay his respects and approached the widow. One could imagine what she could just do. Here's your husband's killer (though it was an accident) standing right in front of you. What would you do? And what she did just made me and my aunt cry. She hugged Jim and even consoled him by saying that it's not his fault. And Jim Brass was reduced to tears, and so were we.


Ivy said...

hay me naman na cornyhan ako sa episode na to or probably bec i wasnt concentrating on it kasi i was surfing online while the tv was on...or probably the fact that the office people kept on calling got me distractted...cant wait for the dvd though

cess said...

the episode where i cried would be where a baby was "kidnapped," then he was found already dead in someone's yard. csi didnt think it was kidnapping, they initially blamed the older brother, then the mother took blame for it. nakulong pa si mommy and got bad press. yun pala, the baby was "killed" by the toddler brother. aksidente lang, nakikipaglaro si toddler kay baby. the family staged the kidnapping thing kasi they were afraid of what it could do to the toddler's well-being. old episode na, pero tingnan mo, sobrang memorized ko pa ang sequence of events, obvious ba fave ko :D maybe bec i realized i could do the same thing should it happen to us.i realized kaya ko ring makulong and get bad publicity if it would save my kids (naaaks.... drama! hehehe!)

anyway, belated happy bday to your so. :D