Saturday, April 01, 2006

Threshold of Pain

Last Thursday, my threshold for physical pain was once again tested.

I went to my bi-weekly appointment with my personal trainer last Thursday lunch time. On the way back, it was drizzling a bit and my left foot sort of twisted inward. It was ok except my left foot was already sore from my cardio workout Wednesday night. When I got back to the office, I ignored the pain and hoped it would go away. But when Leo picked me up that night, the pain worsened.

When I got home, I could barely walk. I could barely sit still in the car cause even if my foot was relaxed, it still hurt. When I got home, I cried all over Leo since the pain was really so bad. I even scheduled a session with my masseuse hoping she would be able to work the kinks away but the pain was still there. Giving up, I had my cousin take me to the 24-hour clinic at the corner.

The doctor on duty said that I sprained my foot. I refused to believe him since I had this misconception that in order for a muscle/bone to be sprained, the area affected should be swelling. But he said, a sprain could happen without signs of swelling. So he bandaged my foot and gave me instructions to keep it elevated and stay off it for a couple of days. However, being month-end last Friday, I asked permission whether I could still go to work as my colleague was on leave. He said ok as long as I keep my foot/leg elevated and gave me Ibuprofen for the pain. So I had my aunt take me to work and I spent most of the day on my ass, only getting up to go to the restroom. I had my officemates carry, get and buy stuff for me. It's nice to have an excuse.

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