Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Day

I had a rather difficult day at work today although nothing out of the ordinary. Usual end of the month stress and follow-ups. I can't wait to go on leave. I just feel very off. Maybe because my boss has been off as well. He's had a trying couple of weeks due to a recent audit. In fact, when I left at 8 pm, he was still in a meeting. He'll be going on leave during the holy week so that means I'm in charge again (God help me!). I'll be a wreck by the time he gets back.

Bright spot of the day was when I went to gym at lunch time. It feels good to burn all those calories, even if it was quite painful. First time I experienced cramps on my stomach (my PT made me to crunches. Huhu). Must be my abdominal muscles crying out underneath all that fat. Hah!

Am in school waiting for my SO. In the meantime, am doing my paper and downloading some financial statements from the BSP. I guess that's one advantage of being regulated, you have to submit your FS to them. At least it's easy to get the financials. Although when it's audit tim again, I might think otherwise.

Am pondering a change in career. I don't think I'm the operations kind of person. Our bosses wants us to think of ways to improve our process. There's nothing wrong with that, but my background has always been credit and it's difficult to merge the two without one sacrificing the other. Some say that I should compromise but there's one lesson that I learned in my organization behaviour classes that somehow stuck, instead of compromising, learn how to collaborate. That's going to take awhile.

My friends and I will be watching a musical called Zsazsa Zaturnnah. It's based on a comic book/graphic novel written by Carlo Vergara. It's about a gay person who's alter-ego superhero is a woman (ala-Darna!). The book is absolutely hilarious and from what I've heard, the musical is as funny as well. I'll post the details here for those who would wish to watch (or just drop me a note).

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Ivy said...

glad to see youre back online!!!! i'm interested in the details of that play or was it musical that you'll be watching...whose producing it? rep? have some catching up to do reading your blogs....