Monday, March 20, 2006

Set One

I mentioned previously that I joined a gym last week to help tone my body. Together with that decision is to get a personal trainer. It makes much of a difference as I tend to slack off if there's no one checking how many sets I've done. Good thing is that she keeps on pushing me until I gasp for breath. After all the stretching and pushing, she helps me cool down which is the best part of it since I don't feel any pain afterwards. The wonders of stretching before and after weight training.

Anyway, am in school right now. We're supposed to have an online class but our professor, who's currently out of the country, could not find a decent internet connection. It's incredibly frustrating as we had high expectations of this class but we've only met four times in the past 2 and a half months. It's really disappointing as we had this professor last term and he does not teach like this.

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Ivy said...

hey how was the anniv? and how many pounds have you lost? lets have coffee naman minsan to catch up =) summer break is coming na naman eh