Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hodge Podge

Am doing this post using dial-up. I should learn how to do that RSS feed thingee so I can send my posts from my email. Maybe next week when I do my internet at SO's house. Their wireless DSL internet really rocks! I have no patience anymore for dial-up (sigh).

My stretchmarks are itching like hell. I should go back to my derma soon as well as my OB. Maybe after the easter break.

Speaking of easter break, we still don't have anywhere to go during the holy week. It will be my nephew's baptism on April 8 (a day after SO's birthday) and SO's a godfather. It's his 3rd time to be a godfather and all his godchildren are boys. Guess Leo and I will be spending it together, either with my family or his.

My nephew and niece are both growing up fine. Chloe is almost a year old already and she's grown to be quite a cute baby. Miguel is already two months old and according to my sisters, he looks (and weighs) like a four month old baby.

Work has been...well, hard to describe as we just finished audit. Maybe someday I can talk about it more.

Anyway, am really sleepy now. I should try to write posts more often even if I don't get to post them asap. At least I get to organize my thoughts. Right now, my thoughts are so scattered. I haven't read my friends' blogs for quite a long time.

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