Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars 2009: Hugh Jackman

I was wary at first when they announced that Hugh Jackman will be hosting this year's Oscars. I haven't seen him host before and I don't see Wolverine what Billy Crystal or Chris Rock did before (Billy Crystal was the best host for me) but hey, he happily proved me wrong.

Here's a clip of his opening number (where he was assisted by Anne Hathaway--who can carry a tune) which was really hilarious. I hope they bring him back next year.

By the way, saw the trailer of Xmen Origins: Wolverine. As usual, Hugh Jackman is so yum! So deserving of his People's 2008 Sexiest Man Award. Hah!


Nonie David Carluen said...

join the club sunshine. he played leo in kate & leopold. btw - here is a bit of a trivia for you. did you know that he was born and bred in sydney's north shore?! - PYMBLE in particular.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

really? does his folks still live in pymble? if you see him, autograph! hehe :)

michael juyad said...

hi mommy sunshine!
mr. jackman is a sytage/broadway actor... he stars on The Wizard of Oz & win Tonys on it... he already did some hosting stint before especially Tony Awards Night.. you can check some of it on You tube...
jus to add info.. hehehe!


Nonie David Carluen said...

i can stalk him if you like. hehehe