Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Season 8

My favorite show's new season has started and it has been a blast so far! I don't care about the reviews.

There has been a lot of good talents this year, especially from the men. Here are my favorites. I've embedded youtube videos of some of their performances. Apologies if some of them are crappy. Can't seem to find any decent videos:

Adam Lambert - he reminds me of Mig Ayesa, a finalist of Rockstar INXS. Not surprising as Adam's background is theater--same as Mig.

Anoop Desai - he's definitely better than Sanjaya. 'Nuff said.

Danny Gokey - he's better than his bestfriend. I wonder if they will play up his life story during the contest?

Jasmine Murray
- love her audition. Reminds me of Brandy but with Alicia Keyes' charisma

Lil Rounds - she's the SAHM with 3 children. Great voice. I like her audition song more than this one but she's still good.

Jorge Nunez - I love his audition where he sang "My Way" in Spanish.

Scott Macintyre - the visually impaired contestant. He can definitely sing. I like his audition song better though.

Matt Giraud
- a mean piano player and has a voice that goes with it. Liked his "Georgia in my Mind" performance on Day 3 of Hollywood week. Simon says he reminds him of Elliott Yamin from Season 5. I agree with him.

Michael Sarver - he's the oil rigger. I like his voice. Very cool. Oh and I love his manners--the way he says "ma'm" sounds so endearing. Well, his back story is also nice. (I'm such a sucker for back stories!)

Of course, there's the love them or hate them list:

Tatiana del Toro - She can sing but she's so full of drama it can be SO annoying

Nathaniel Marshall - another person that is full of drama. Tatiana and he certainly complements each other

Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle - he can sing and he can definitely entertain. Wonder how he'll fare during the live shows. Will he sing as Nick or as Norman?


mommy cess said...

i hate hate hate hate tatiana . nung napanood ko nga na pasok siya sa top 36, i turned off the tv. ganon ako ka-asar sa mukha niya. i just hope na tanggal agad siya sa first round of eliminations para di ko na siya makita.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

i swear, ako din. kapag naririnig ko yung tawa niya parang gusto ko siyang sakalin. mas nakakairita pa yung tawa niya sa tawa ni kris aquino!