Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Driving Peeves

I've been driving for six months now and though I'm still not yet a fully confident driver, I have several peeves which can almost brings me to road rage:

1. Zip Zip Zoom!
I know that for some people, the motorcycle is the only form of transportation they can afford and it can definitely save on time and commute fare. However, I really hate it when they drive as if they own the road. I almost got into a couple of accidents because of motorcyles. And I cannot understand why they are allowed on that stretch of highway from Nichols going north. They would just zip right past you out of nowhere.
I know that there are decent motorcycle drivers out there but this is just based on my driving experience.

2. Tabi Tabi Po!
This is prevalent in our village actually. The maximum speed limit in our village's main roads is 60kph. However, there are some who drives at 40kph and they won't even drive at the slow lane to give way. It really doesn't matter if I'm on my way home but there are times that you just want to get home and there's this long stretch in front of the slow moving car that you just want to get to.

3. Left or right?
The reason why the turn signal is installed is so that other drivers would know if the car before him or approaching him would be turning left or right or going somewhere. It irks me no end if a car would suddenly change lanes or turn somewhere without signaling thus leaving me stuck behind him. The switch is so conveniently located near the wheel so it's easy to reach without your hands leaving the wheel but people still don't use it.

4. Singit
I see this everyday especially at SLEX. Sometimes I'm a victim of cars cutting in front of me. I try to drive carefully and fast enough to ensure that the gap between me and the car in front of me will not allow the cars from the "rogue" lane to make singit. It's really unfair. Nakakapikon.

5. Is It Really An Emergency?
On my way to work last Tuesday, 8 ambulances and cars with "wangwangs" passed through the traffic at SLEX at different times and I wondered if there was an accident somewhere. I tuned in to the AM radio and there was no news of an accident that would require such emergency assistance. I had a suspicion that these were just people who wanted to travel through the snail-pace traffic of SLEX the fastest way. I also suspected that one car with the wang-wang is a politician.
COME ON! Bear with the traffic like the rest of us peons! I hope that someday sila naman ang ma-karma.
My friend says that he always gives way even if he has that suspicion as he's scared that if time would come when he would be the one in the ambulance, he doesn't want to get hit by karma.

Anyway, as my driving experiences lengthens, I'm sure this list will grow proportionally as well.

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