Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Immortal

I have never really pondered hard over my mortality. Whenever a relative would die due to sickness, I would just shrug and say that it's a fact of life; that it's something that I have to accept. I would grieve and move on without thinking or learning from the experience. I never really thought about it, except for today.

My seatmate at work has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Though the tumor is still treatable, it still scares her. She's married with two young children and she worries about them if something does happen to her. It worried me too. See, I'm at risk to such life-threatening diseases yet I don't try hard enough to change my lifestyle or my habits. I would start but I'd end up reverting back to my unhealthy food.

I don't know if this is the wake up call that I'm waiting for. I know I managed to lose weight before and I can do so again. Willpower...

Lord help me.

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