Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I haven't had an annual exam for almost three years now so I voluntarily went to our village clinic to have an over-all blood test. Since I've gained some weight since my last check-up, I knew they would find something and true enough, they did.

Bad news is that my uric acid and triglyceride levels are twice the number of a normal reading. I immediately went to my husband's uncle who happens to be a cardiologist and he prescribed medicines to bring down my uric acid and triglycerides. However, he mentioned that the SGOT and SGPT levels are high as well--the latter reaching three times that of normal levels! That alarmed me especially when he suggested that I get a liver ultrasound to check for damage. Apparently, I might have damaged my liver due to the fatty foods that I've eaten. Maybe that's why my metabolism is shot lately.

While waiting for my schedule, I'm now on a diet from fried stuff. I'm doubling up on my daily fiber intake (hello oatmeal, goodbye tocino, goodbye fried rice, goodbye friend egg) and I'm trying to figure out what other foods I should avoid.

There are good news though. My sugar and cholesterol levels are thankfully within normal ranges. Thank God! At least I only have to worry about my liver for the moment.

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aschua said...

This means you really have to control what you eat. Good luck on your next check up.