Monday, May 17, 2010

Maayong Buntag, Cebu!

Talk about photo-finish.

We initially planned to go to Davao last February. But since my boss went on Maternity Leave, we had to postpone our trip. She returned last April and we're now ready to go out of town. We rechecked whether Davao is still our destination but according to our bosses, we should go to Cebu. So, Cebu it is.

We're leaving on Sunday and will return Friday evening. I'm quite excited as I have NEVER been to Cebu and it will be something new for me. I've heard great things about the place from my friend Kay and previous bosses at SCB. Since we can't do much sight-seeing due to our limited time, I asked around on good places to eat. I've received numerous suggestions. I hope we'll have enough time (and budget) to try everything out.

Probably the downside of the trip is that I will not be seeing Basti for a week. I'll miss his hugs, kisses and laughter. I'll be bringing my laptop and Globe Tattoo with me so I can chat with them.

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rmacapobre said...

i think i'd like to visit davao next ..