Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Niluluto sa Sarili kong Mantika"


This is the common complaint very much heard in the metropolis nowadays. Everytime you would meet someone, the weather becomes an instant conversation starter.

"Grabe, ang init ngayon!"
"Nagkakasakit na ako sa init!"
"Tumayo lang ako, tagaktak na ang pawis ko!!"
"Niluluto na ako sa sarili kong mantika!!!"

are very much repeated (especially the last part, for rounded and healthy people like me). Having spent half of the day out of the office, I could very much attest to the heat and have discussed it with at least 2 people I met today.

My husband's balikbayan aunts have even made a game out of it. The next time somebody says "ang init", they have to pay P20. They've been here for a week and will leave this coming weekend. I wonder how much they've contributed to the pot already.

The intermittent rains do not help at all. They seem to make the heat worse, especially yesterday. I got sick also because of it. I nursed an upper respiratory tract infection during the weekend which did not let me enjoy the extra vacation day. The fever started Friday evening (39.2C. That's my highest temperature in more than 5 years) and broke the morning after.

Hopefully, this coming weekend will not be as hot. Not only do we have to go out and vote, I have to do a lot of cleaning and doing so in this weather will not make the task enjoyable at all.

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rmacapobre said...

waaaaaaaaaaah .. ang inet nga .. i think mas apektado ang mga chubs sa inet compara sa mga hindi chubs ..