Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Starbucks May Promo

Though my husband says they're very expensive and not worth the price, I love the Starbucks planners. Every Christmas, I religiously buy coffee so I can gather the corresponding amount of stickers to get the diary. I remember only missing two years (the first year it was offered and the year I was pregnant).

What I loved about the planners especially when they first came out, were the freebies included. The buy-one-take-one promo was a big deal for us moreover when we have a Starbucks store at the ground floor of my office then. (I remember that branch with bittersweet memories. That store became our office extension too and I can still recall the times that we had powows there and even cried my heart out to my boss then. No wonder I was so interested and passionate about the company when we had it as a case in my STRAMA subject last year.)

Going back to the planner, I noticed that the latest issues did not have the freebies anymore. Maybe that's why they reduced the number of stickers required to qualify for the promo. I'm still having mixed feelings when they brought it back this year. The planner only have 6 coupons and only 2 can be considered as useful. One of them can be used this month of May.

So for 2010 Starbucks planner owners, use your May coupon from May 1-31, 2010. Buy your friend a frap and you'll get one too for free.

See you at the nearest Starbucks branch!

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