Sunday, August 08, 2010

At Last!

At last, after 7 long years, I'm done with my MBA!

I started 2nd term of school year 2003-2004. It was as if yesterday that I climbed those stairs going to the RCBC Campus of DLSU inquiring about their MBA program. Next thing I knew, I was asking for an application form.

Seven years later, the De La Salle Professional Schools is no longer an entity but was merged back into the De La Salle University fold. Instead of having a separate graduation ceremony, we will join the 1000 other undergraduates and masteral graduates who will attend the graduation ceremonies.

I actually stopped for two years due to work and personal reasons. I promised my husband that I'll go back to school when I have more time and I did return last year.

I took my Oral Comprehensive Exam on August 5. It was the last step before I receive my MBA degree. It entails presenting a core subject paper that you did during your MBA and defending whatever it is that you put there. It was quite brutal this term as there were a lot who did not make it. Thankfully, I made the grade and it tops as one of my most memorable moments ever. The relief that I felt afterwards was so great that I burst into tears when the panel chair delivered the verdict. I knew he was saying something after he said "congratulations" but I cannot remember anything anymore. All I could think of was, "At last!"

Though I was hesitant at first, looks like I'll be attending the graduation ceremonies. I never did enjoy my undergraduate graduation as I was sick a week before and I was not able to attend the practice and other ceremonies. At least now, hopefully, I can experience it fully 14 years after I left De La Salle.

As a postscript note, my original panel was supposedly Prof. Aleister Cruz, Prof. Michael Joseph and Prof. Benedict Avila. Thankfully, Prof. Cruz pulled out as he was a college friend and it would be a conflict of interest if he stayed in my panel. I don't want my passing mark to be marred by any hint of favoritism. He was replaced by Dr. Tony Concepcion.


cessna said...

aleister cruz is a professor na? grabe, the last time i saw him was back in school, i guess in my mind di pa siya tumatanda :)
congrats! i'm so happy for you! go attend the ceremonies!

Sunshine said...

yes! professor na sya. nagulat nga ako yung unang beses ko siya nakita eh. hirap nga akong tawagin siyang "professor cruz". one time nga, muntik ko siyang matawag na "monser". hahah!

kaya nga sobra akong na-pressure yung nalaman ko na panel ko siya. hahaha! ether baka hindi ko seryosohin or sobra naman ako maging seryoso :)

aschua said...

congrats sunshine! i'm sure the mba degree will help you in your work and career.

jb virata said...

Congrats Sunshine. Your accomplishment gives me hope!

Aleister Cruz said...

I'm still young, Ate Cess. I feel I'm just 25, so I am. ;-)