Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The sun will come out, Tomorrow!

That song has been reverberating in my head today as tomorrow will indeed be a big day for me.

After 7 long years, tomorrow will be the culmination of my MBA studies. I will be facing a panel of three professors who will quiz me and determine if I really learned anything in my years of studying. My fate will be in the hands of these three people.

I am nervous as hell. At first, I was pretty nonchalant about it but when the date approached, I started to panic. In my former job, I am always prepared for meetings and such and even if I tried my best to prepare for this, I still feel that I am not ready. But I cannot delay the inevitable. I already postponed for one term and I cannot put this off much longer. If I fail, then I fail. I just have to find the strength to go back, re-do my paper and face my panel again. Whatever the case, I am preparing myself for the worst.

Though I know my panel with even one of them a friend, I do not want to take their "nice-ness" for granted. I know I have to earn that passing grade and that degree. I know I can and I have to believe that.

Wish me luck. By tomorrow, I will know.

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cessna said...

su, kaw pa! kaya mo yan!