Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sick Basti

Last week has been very harrowing. Not only did Basti get sick, but I was scheduled to take my Oral Comprehensive Exam which was the last step for me to get my MBA degree. But thankfully, we all got through with it all in one piece.

Basti's low grade fever (if you call 38.5C as his highest temperature as low grade) started Thursday, July 29, 2 days after he got his annual flu shot and his 3-in-1 booster shot. We all thought it was due to the vaccine so we didn't give it second thought. We just gave him his paracetamol dose and we all went through our daily grind.

On Saturday, his fever was still there and I was beginning to worry especially when I saw him just lying there. My son is very active and he refuses to just sit there and do nothing but that was what he was doing. I resolved that if he doesn't get well by Sunday, we'll bring him to the ER.

True enough, his fever returned Sunday and we took him to the Asian Hospital ER.

I was surprised by the number of kids that were in the Emergency Room that day. There must be a bug going around that would entail kids being rushed to the ER on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever case, we just have to continue with the paracetamol and bring him to his pedia the next day.

Basti was given his tag and as a precaution, they took a blood sample to rule out dengue. The results were available in less than an hour and good thing, his platelets were at a normal level but we were advised to return the next day as the levels were low-normal.

The ER doctor said that Basti must've caught a flu bug or could be roseola.

His fever still returned Monday morning so we returned to Asian. Though his pedia is not expected in until 330 but we were there at 1130 to have Basti tested again for dengue. I was surprised when the laboratory said that they will only release the results after 6 hours as there's no stat request. I had to call Basti's pedia, Dr. Clemente, to request for stat. Good thing the laboratory agreed to rush the results with minimum fuss. They did however, made me wait for another hour before I got the results. Thankfully, his platelets were higher compared to the previous day.

When we saw his pedia, he agreed to the ER doctor's pronouncement but he suspects it could be roseola. He told us that the fever will abate by Tuesday and by then, spots or rashes will come out with is indicative of roseola. I was also give then option of having Basti confined but after a discussion with my husband and in-laws. We resolved to just take care of him at home.

True enough, Basti's rashes and red spots came out the day after and his fever no longer recurred. I breathed a sigh of relief especially when he returned to his old, "malikot" self.

No doubt there will be more days like these. I just hope I'm strong enough for all of them.

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