Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Losing my Excess Baggage

My weight is considered excess baggage for me and it's the only baggage that I'm happy to lose.

After my health scare last February, I was prompted to lose the excess weight which spiked all the bad things in my blood. I dusted off the diet plan that my dietician gave me and proceeded to follow it to the letter.

The first week was not as difficult as I thought as the doctor's words were still haunting me throughout my meals that I was deathly scared of eating anything remotely unhealthy. When I saw my neurologist that weekend, he ruled out a stroke and after clearing me from other worst-case scenarios simply ruled on migraine equivalence (I only suffered visual auras sans the headache). He gave me this medicine which not only manages seizures but has a nice side effect on suppressing hunger pangs. This helped me lose more weight that I could on my own.

I still continued on going to the gym and since then, I've lost a total of 20lbs. Not bad but not good enough. I need to lose more if I really want to be healthy. I'm giving myself a break from the dieting although I'm still controlling my intake portions and avoiding fried foods. It's difficult as I don't drink the migraine medicine anymore so I really have to solely depend on my willpower now. I do plan to go back to my diet which would hopefully jumpstart the weight loss again. Another 20 lbs won't be too bad but would undoubtedly be a big struggle.

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