Thursday, April 28, 2011


After suffering from unexplained allergies for almost two years, I finally went to an allergologist to find out what's really wrong and what I'm allergic to.

After queueing for almost half a day, he saw me and I agreed to have a skin test done through scratch method immediately that night. The results were quite depressing. Turns out, I'm allergic to almost all the stuff that's on the list!

I'm officially allergic to the following:

- House Dust
- Kapok (some type of tree/plant with fibre)
- Molds
- Orris Root (it's used as a base note in perfumery--no wonder I sometimes end up with asthma when I breathe a certain type of perfume)
- Pigweed grass
- Acacia
- Pine Mix
- Pyrethrum (type of flower which is used as a natural insecticide)
- Dust mite
- Feathers
- Tobacco
- Cotton Linteers
- Cat/Dog/Horse Hair
- Mosquito
- Cockroach
- Fire Ant

- Pepper Mix
- Soy
- Chocolate (I've proven this. Broke out in hives when I drank my husband's fresh chocolate milk)
- Coffee
- Almond
- Peanut (yep, also proven. Had an asthma attack after eating Nagaraya)
- Egg
- Corn
- Brewer's Yeast (beer)
- Bakers Yeast

- Pineapple
- Apple
- Lemon
- Orange
- Strawberry
- Mango

- Pork
- Beef
- Chicken
- Shrimp
- Crab
- Oyster
- Clams
- Salmon

Those in BOLD letters were encircled by my doctor as I'm highly allergic to them.

It's quite depressing, really. I'm coping by having antihistamine and my inhaler with me at all times. If I know I'll be eating something which I'll be allergic to during the day, I take my antihistamine in the morning. Otherwise, I'm prepared for any attack.

I don't know why I'm suddenly allergic to a lot of things when I'm not this sensitive before. Everything just went to hell after I gave birth. I don't know if that is the tipping point that caused these changes.

Whatever it is, this is something that I have to live through everyday hoping that my next attack won't be to severe which would require hospitalization.

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