Monday, May 02, 2011

Toilet Training

Our toilet training adventure started yesterday.

Actually, we've been letting Basti use his potty and the big potty for quite some time. Yesterday was the first time that we did not let hime wear diapers while we were at home. I reasoned out that he's already wearing XXL and it's already starting to get a little snug. Pretty soon, it would barely fit him anymore. Besides, he will be starting toddler school in June so we have to be prepared for that.

So far, he did not have an accident yesterday. Only time he peed was when he was in the playground and yaya noticed that he was shivering a bit. She rushed him off to the bushes and encouraged him to do his thing. (Sorry! No CR nearby). He was able to do it and was praised endlessly.

At least his diapers are now limited to only when we're going out or when he sleeps. Hopefully, this will decrease my diaper expense.

Our next struggle now is for him to sleep straight through the night. So far, he still wakes up 2x during the night to ask for milk. There were times that he woke up 3 times! He should be really sleeping straight by now.

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