Monday, April 25, 2011

White Hair

I found my 3rd white hair this morning. Actually, I've caught glimpses of it the past few weeks but was not able to really catch a handle of it until this morning.

My first white hair was 5 years ago and I can excuse that because I was highly stressed. I have no reason now except *gulp* old age. What makes it worse is that I found two of them but one of them is still too short to pull out.

I'm not really that vain so a few white strands should not bother me. I guess I'm just reminded of my mortality and of the years that I have yet to live in this earth.

Attending a recollection during Holy Week made me realize how short those years can be and how my spirituality has suffered these past few months.

I can't really blame the whole RH Bill brouhaha thing. I should know that religion is different from my God and my spirituality. Religion just gives me the channel to worship Him but I know in my heart that He is there and there is only one God. I have just grown spiritually dry these past years. I've been yearning to go to confession but I'm rather partial to the priests that I go to as I don't want to go to one who's a rabid anti-RH bill protestor lest he should pepper my confession with his anecdotes.

I still haven't lost faith in my religion and I still believe in what it stands for. The recollection that I attended last week made me realize that like me, it is not perfect.

I have downloaded (yay for Itunes!) songs from Hillsong to which I listened to on my way to work to remind me of God's love for me. One thing I realized is that I have stopped doing things out of love and have been doing them out of my sense of responsibility.

I look forward to the day that I would gladly embrace my white hair and all that they stand for.

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