Friday, January 20, 2012

Personal Strategic Vision

During my Strategic Management class two years ago, our teacher, Prof. Elfren Cruz, required us to make our own Personal Strategic Vision. This is to ensure that we understand how a corporate vision really works.

I was able to craft one and looking at it now that two years have passed, I could say that it still holds true. It's still idealistic but at least it's the ideals that I really strive for.


Core Purpose
My core purpose is to make most of the talents that I have been given to be able to fully give justice in all the roles I play in my life.

Core Values
I am a woman who is a wife, amother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a student/teacher, a colleague, a subordinate, a supervisor, a neighbor and a friend, In order to play all these roles to the best of my abilities, I consider the following as values that would help me achieve by core purpose:

Generosity - I believe in giving until it hurts and without expecting anything in return. By giving, I do not mean just meeting financial needs but giving my time, my effort and my self.

Respect - I believe that there is good in all of us and it is because of that belief that enables me to respect people, even in the most trying times.

Responsible - I believe in being responsible for my own actions and words. I believe in my capabilities of making decisions and in knowing that I would have to live with the choices that I make.

Compassionate - I believe in being considerate of others. I believe in putting myself in the other persons' shoes to understand where they are coming from.

Trust - I believe that everyone is capable of good or being able to accomplish their assigned tasks.

Humility - I believe that I am not perfect and should never think that I am above others. I believe that there is still a lot of things that I need to improve or work on and this keeps me going in my goal in reaching my full potential.


Big Hair Audacious Goals (BHAGs)

Become a person who is instrumental in the success of people, activities and businesses.

Vivid Description

I will go to sleep at night knowing that I have done my best to keep my family safe and sound...My husband and I will raise a family of well-rounded individuals, rearing them to be God-fearing and responsible adults...I will do the best of my abilities to raise our children to be professionals and who will use their time and talents to help others who are in need, without being asked to...Fifty years from now, we'll be able to hold reunions with family and friends and seeing all of them happy and content with their lives...Fifty years from now and even beyond retirement, I hope to still be able to help people and to continue on giving and playing the roles that I've been given until the end of my days.

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