Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Balikbayan Visits

Majority of my relatives, especially in my mother's side of the family, are based abroad. Unfortunately, they only get to come home once in a blue moon as their lives are already there.

Early this year, my twin sister visited us with her family. Last time she was here was 6 years ago for my wedding. This time around, she not only brought her husband but her two adorable children as well.

Due to my faulty memory (and not being able to blog about it), I could not recall much of what we did. However, I did recall meeting up with them at Fun Ranch in Pasig where our kids bonded. I was also able to take this rare photo where the three of us sisters are together.

I also took a couple of days off for her and we went off to Manila Ocean Park among other places. She and her family stayed for almost 3 weeks. Hopefully, I will get to see her next year when we visit her.

This December, my dad's sisters also came over for a visit. It was quite bittersweet as it was supposed to be a reunion of sorts for all of them. It will be the first Christmas that all of my dad's siblings will be together in more than 40+ years. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away this October before that dream can be realized. Nevertheless, it did not stop my aunts (both who are dear to me--one is my godmother during my christening while the other is my godmother during my wedding) and my dad and their two other siblings here to have fun. Here's our Christmas Even party. This was the first time in more than 6 years where we had a party with my Dad.

I couldn't enjoy the party that much as my son developed a fever on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. We brought him with us but he mostly stayed in one of the rooms to lie down. Thank God for his love for videoke but I suddenly came down when we started singing. He then belted out his Rey Valera tunes much to the delight of my relatives.

The holidays are not over yet as we still have the New Year. This time around, we'll be spending it with my side of the family as my aunts want me to be with them. It will not doubt be another fun affair. I just hope my son cooperates though. He still has not gotten over his fear of the sound of fireworks.

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