Friday, December 27, 2013

I'll Drink to That

I don't consider myself as a "drinker" (manginginom in our vernacular). The last time I seriously drank alcohol was way back after I finished College. I celebrated my new found independence by going out with my friends every Friday night to drink tequila and what have you. Also, whenever we would go to Puerto Galera, we would while away the time at the numerous bars that is all over the beach and finish off pitchers and pitchers of Mindoro Sling and Long Island Iced Tea.

When I got older (matured), especially after I met my husband (who is also not a drinker and we sometimes have to share a beer), I stopped drinking altogether. Whenever I would find myself in an event where one has to drink, I usually just smile and say that I'm driving. I would then nurse a glass of soda or water the whole time while I watch my friends and colleagues have fun.

Recently, (as in when I joined my new company where I'm heading a 50 people-strong department), I went back to drinking alcohol as it's apparently, a way to bond with my team. Tonight, I could say that I'm seriously back.

Our office party started at 3PM and I was handed a half glass of draft beer. I finished the glass and was requested to sing a song. After singing, I quickly downed another half glass to calm my nerves. When I went down to my department, they were already starting on finishing the Fundador that was bought for them by one of my TLs. I was handed a full glass with Coke. I nursed that glass while going around and greeting everybody. I quickly topped up when it was half gone.

I was dragged (not reluctantly) to another part of the floor where they were finishing off a bottle of Tequila. I was given a half a shot which I readily downed. I was invited to take one more shot but I refused. I quickly went back to my team and switched to non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice (Chamdor and Welch).

When another department started their own drinking session, I readily joined them and was given another glass of Fundador with Coke. When my boss sauntered over with a half bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black, we were asked to take a shot each. I quickly downed my own shot and asked for another one and mixed it with the Coke that I was drinking.

After finishing the glass, I switched back to drinking soda to hopefully dilute the alcohol. To make us sweat the alcohol out, I started a game of charades with them. That was fun but everyone had places to go to so we called it a night at around 7PM. Thankfully, I was still lucid and made it home safe and sound. I think the point that I could still type this blog three hours after my last shot is an achievement itself. I guess it means I still haven't reached my breaking point. I don't think I would want to find that out.

Here's to an awesome 2013 and an even greater 2014.

Drink Tally: 1 glass draft beer (Pale Pilsen) + 3 glasses Fundador with Coke + 1/2 shot Tequila + 1 shot Johnny Walker Double Black + 1 glass of Coke with a dash of Johnny Walker + 1 glass of Welch + 1 glass of Chamdor = still standing.

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