Sunday, January 13, 2008

January Weddings

This month is full of weddings--well relatively.

My hubby and I were invited to the wedding of a former boss. However, as the invitation arrived quite late, we made plans already and were unable to go. If I knew about it earlier, I would've gone. Instead, we had lunch at my father's house in Makati. We gave them our pasalubongs from Bangkok.

Yesterday, we attended the wedding of my one-down. He has been planning this wedding for less than a year and he's so excited over it. He obviously loves his girlfriend (now wife) very much. The wedding was held at Manila Cathedral with the reception at Ibarra's.

The beautiful bride was crying as she walked down the aisle. I remarked that I did not cry during my own walk. Actually, in our wedding, I was on the verge of crying while waiting outside the church. However, when the giant wooden doors of St. James opened and I saw all the flashing cameras and people looking at me, the tears just stopped. I just concentrated on smiling.

The reception was fun to watch--especially the garter and bouquet "tossing" tradition. One of our male officers (who happens to be gay), was roped into the garter ceremony. He got the garter and one of the female officers got the bouquet. It was hilarious watching his reactions to the whole thing.

At the end of the month will be the wedding of one of our friends in Mandaluyong. She has also been planning this wedding for a year. Good luck!


Norrie Blackeby said...

Weddings are lovely to be part of. Nice to see a happy bride.

Ivy Tan said...

o yes madami nga ata esp nung jan6
so imagine gano kadami sa 8-8-8
hey got your gift thanks thanks but ever forgetful me yung mga gifts mo nasa kotse nakakalimutan ko ibaba and give to gilbert (shey's hubby)

Nonie David Carluen said...

perhaps you didn't but i know i wasn't the only one teary watching you walk down that aisle.

JC Sobejana said...

kelan nga ba exact date ng kasal ni Cathy?

Sunshine Sangalang said...

jan 26. we'll only be attending the church ceremony. may lunch kasi kami. bday kasi lola ni leo and andito lahat ng mga tita niya na darating from the US.

cathy mariano - domingo said...

6 months lang... :)