Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shop Til You Drop - Our Bangkok Adventure Day 4

Being our last day, Leo wanted to check out another mall at Central Chidlom.

We had our last breakfast at the hotel, checked out early and left our bags with the concierge. We took a few pictures of our hotel and of our surroundings.

The second picture was taken at the overpass near our hotel. You can't believe that this street will be full of cars by mid-afternoon. A New Year's countdown party is scheduled to happen that night in front of Centralworld.

We then walked towards Central Chidlom. As the malls don't open til 10AM, we waited at a nearby Burger King.

Central Chidlom is like Rustan's (although I like Rustan's better). We bought more pasalubongs and Leo bought more stuff. We went around for an hour and returned to Big C to have an early lunch at KFC as we will be picked up at noon by the van which will bring us to the airport.

The airport looks beautiful in the daylight. It looks so imposing when you drive towards it. It's design lets in a lot of natural light. They also have nice set-ups inside where you can take pictures.

(note the shoes. This was the shoes I bought in Siam. Such a comfortable pair).

This set-up, if I remember it correctly, was near the entrance and check-in counters.

Speaking of check-in counters, it's really different compared to our NAIA. They have hundreds of check-in counters all over the place. And the counter was already open when we arrived.

After checking-in, we went through immigration and customs and walked towards our gate. The airport is actually a mall extension. Lots of brand shops going to the gates. It also helps that they have a walkalator.

Our flight was thankfully on time. We left Bangkok at 305PM and arrived in Manila 715PM. We were home by 9PM. Just in time for the fireworks.

Bangkok was a wonderful experience. Too bad we did not have enough time to go out of the city to see the floating market or experience Chatuchak. Or even Phuket! Maybe in the future.

Until my next travelogue.


mommy cess said...

siksik ang mga araw! :D glad to know you had fun. kala ko magb-beach din kayo.

A. S. Chua said...

sarap naman ng vacation ninyo. parang walang spirit of xmas/new year doon....

Constantine Carluen said...

hey ate s. sounds like a lovely vacation the two of you had!! thailand sounds like it's geared a lot more for tourists than the philippines though.hmmmm.

Ivy Tan said...

i cant believe di ka nag chatuchak. i had so much fun shopping there though ang init and so un-glam