Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It's our first year as a married couple to celebrate this day of hearts.

I never really thought about it until I got to work and saw all the flowers being delivered. Of course, a part of me was hoping that I'd get my bouquet but when Leo did not call, I knew I wouldn't be receiving any flowers this year (in the past, he would call me in the office whenever he would have flowers delivered. Though he tries to hide it, I would "know" that he's onto something).

To make up for it, I asked if we could eat dinner out instead. He refused saying that he's not in the mood for traffic and jostling around for tables. We learned our lesson when we went out on Valentine's a couple of years ago and it was a disaster. We decided never to go out on Feb. 14. So we just ate at home.

Leo finished dinner first and I stayed behind at the dinner table to finish off my butong pakwan. He then called me upstairs and presented me with my bouquet of peach/orange roses. Aww.

We're going to "celebrate" this weekend We're having lunch at Tagaytay with the family (Tita Mike's in town) and we're still thinking whether we'll be spending the night there as we want to go to Sonya's Garden probably on Sunday.

Happy Hearts Day everyone!


JC Sobejana said...

Happy Hearts Day...Ang ganda ng flowers. favorite color mo yan???

Norrie Blackeby said...

Excellent. He's such a sweetie! Have a great weekend Sunshine and regards to Tita Mike and Tita Amy. Good memories of Sonya's Garden--your Dad in law treated us there remember with your lola too?

mommy cess said...

ang ganda ng flowers ha?
happy vday sa inyo.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

Tita Norrie - No, it was not Sonya's Garden. We were supposed to go there but we ended up in Highlands. You and Lola even have a photo at the look-out point.

Norrie Blackeby said...

Yes that's right and I have that photo in my bedroom now. I loved that day. Thank you.