Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia 2

I was looking forward to this season as our company was one of the major sponsors. I would go home early every Thursday just to watch an episode and I would root for Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez and would rejoice when they would reach the pit spot first--which they did 8 times.

Today, February 14, was the season ender for Amazing Race Season 2. With Marc and Rovilson leading the race, I expected and wanted them to win. After all, they're representing the Philippines (even if Marc does not have a Filipino blood in him. Nevertheless, he's SOOOO gorgeous. As my gay officemate would say, "Walang effort!"). However, it was not meant to be. The first place and $100,000 went to Singaporean gym buddies Adrian and Collin. It was a major victory as Adrian was the first hearing-impaired contestant in the Amazing Race franchise. Malaysian sisters Vanessa and Pam took 2nd place. Sadly, Marc and Rovilson got 3rd place after being held up in the last roadblock.

Nevertheless, it was definitely an amazing race for all--especially for my favourite team. Good work Marc and Rovilson! Hoping you will also join the original Amazing Race--probably in Season 13 or 14. You would give those other contestants a run for their money.


Aileen Apolo said...

Na-sad ako they didn't win! They were really close!

mommy cess said...

di ko napanood.
i saw frm chico garcia's blog that the singaporeans were devious. but that;s the way the race goes, devious or not.
bec of that, ayoko na yata panoorin. baka maiyak lang ako.
let's console ourselves with the fact that eventhough they didnt win, sila pa rin ang pinakagwapo at may pinakamaraming fans. dibaaaaa?
who knows, baka ticket ito for marc and rovilson to get famous.
hindi ako masyadong affected bwaahahaha. hindi ko pa napanood yan....

anyway, sabi nga ni chico, let's move on to our next drama -- AI !

Sunshine Sangalang said...

they only did something devious "once"--when they stole marc and rovilson's taxi. but they were ok after that.
yung last episode, talagang they won it fair and square kasi hindi talaga matapos-tapos ni rovilson ang roadblock. first time ko ngang makita na gigil na gigil si marc.