Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tension Headache

I was so stressed at work yesterday and unfortunately, it manifested itself through a tension headache.

It started right after lunch and lasted throughout the day. Since it's too early to do an HPT, I could not take any pain medication. I had to be content with Biogesic.

By the end of the day, the headache got worse. When I got home, I immediately showered and dropped into bed.

I woke up at 2am with the most horrendous headache. I nudged Leo awake and I started crying. He fortunately woke up and he gave me water. He also rubbed Katinko on my temples to help soothe the pain. He also gave me another tablet of Paracetamol. Fortunately, I was able to fall asleep in a few minutes.

I was so touched by my husband's patience and love. Even if he just fell asleep, he woke up to take care of me.


Norrie Blackeby said...

That's what husbands do Sunshine. I hope you're feeling better. take care.

Ivy Tan said...

awwwww moment to ha =)
hope your feeling better

ps. what's a BPT?

cathy mariano - domingo said...

oo nga, whats HPT?

JC Sobejana said...

you might have migraines. have a neuro see you. i have undiagnose migraines kase...s/sx : one sided headache, triggered by sunlight, stress, eating lots of chocolate and sometimes hunger. i also have nausea and vomitting. sometimes, it can be relieved by sleep or other simple pain medication. but most of the time it cant. but prayers do work.

jennie smith said...

I suggest you find time to de-stress yourself. Do some stress busters in between like a ten min. walk, flexing and all. Find a less harmful way to bust your stress. Mine was shopping. It takes my mind off the issue at hand for a little time. It gives your body a little break though esp. your mind.