Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Been Awhile

This week has been very busy for me as we were preparing for an important meeting today. Good thing we prepared well as the meeting was not as painful as compared to the previous one. It did last for four hours and went through lunch (1030am to 230pm. No break for lunch. Go figure). By the time we were done, all of us (except for the bosses) went to the nearby Max's and shared our frustrations over our respective chicken meals.

Sadly though, I missed hearing mass to commemorate the first death anniversary of my paternal grandmother. I did leave a big flower basket at Dita last Sunday. Lola would've loved the arrangement. There's even a violet rose there somewhere (or is that another type???).

I know I don't miss her as much as my Dad and his siblings. But there are times that I feel that something's missing; that something's different.

Lola, we miss you. I know you're in your happy place, moreover with Lolo being with you now. Please continue to watch over us as we go through our lives. Help us make the right choices and to live the rest of our lives fulfilled and happy. We love you!


Rene David said...

Your Lola was really a special woman.She would surely be smiling with the flowers you and Leo brought at Mother's Day. You are always my thoughtful and sweet Sunshine.

Norrie Blackeby said...

Thanks for this Sunshine. I am sure she'll be watching over you.

Nonie David Carluen said...

with the time encroaching on you lunch break - i wonder how many of you were able to concentrate. jeez - 4 hours!!! you must have been met out!!!