Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time of My Life - David Cook

DAVID COOK WON! DAVID COOK WON! DAVID COOK WON! I've never been so happy over a damned tv show. I wasn't this happy since Taylor Hicks won. But well, David Cook is different. He's just really awesome! I LOVE DAVID COOK!!!! I'll buy all his albums and I'll watch all his shows. Pramis!

When he sang this song, I wanted to scream. I've been surfing for videos of him and pictures. Gosh. I just want to listen and look at him all day. Haha!


Ivy Tan said...

hahahaha great paglihian mo sya
ang gwapo ng baby mo =)
ako nga i never watch the show other than pag auditions
but i was rooting for him coz the other david looks bading and iyakin
and super sigaw ako this morning when it was announced na COOK's the american idol

Rene David said...

wow ang pogi ng magiging apo ko......