Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Will It End?

I was on sick leave twice last week and when I returned to work today, I was still feeling nauseous. Up to now, there's still this feeling that my stomach wants to expel whatever I ate throughout the day. It's just sheer willpower that's stopping me from running to the restroom to throw up my dinner.

On a happy note, my in-laws are back from their vacation in the US. I got my requested books (Eclipse and New Moon!) and the new People Puzzler! My mom-in-law also got me nifty pair of walking shoes and maternity clothes. Ninang Mike (Leo's Ninang and our Ninang at our wedding) also gave us a calendar from Shutterfly which featured our wedding photos. (I love the cover of the calendar. How come I didn't see those in the pictures. I must've missed it from all the hundreds of photos).

On another happier note, I FINALLY got my non-pro driver's license. Yahoo! Other than having the privelege of being able to drive a motor vehicle, I have another valid ID that has my married name. Yay!

During the review for our driver's exam, I was shocked to learn that the penalty for DUI is only P2,000!!! That's only 50 freaking dollars! However in the exam (which should be the same as the reviewer they gave us), it was indicated that the person caught could also be imprisoned, but the length of imprisonment was not indicated. Whoever is in charge of indicating the penalties should really change that. It's really pathetic. No wonder we have idiots being featured in the news everyday who gets into a car accident because they were drunk or high in drugs.


Norrie Blackeby said...

Yes it is shocking to know that DUI is quite cheap out there.
In the UK you not only go to court, your license is suspended for a three years, which means no driving, up to 14 years imprisonment (minimum of three months) then you have unlimited fine (typical £5,000), you have to attend weekly refresher courses on driving and forced to sit a driver's exam again.
I am just lucky I do not touch alcohol!

Norrie Blackeby said...

Just a quick tip...suck on an ice cube when you're feeling nauseous. It helps. Otherwise, this will go on until your second trimester.

JC Sobejana said...

sometimes, they say its only in the mind. since it is and you are in control of you're mind. think of something else other than throwing up :) it works for me. remember i told you, those prenatal vit...eventhought they are vit it really can give you alot of all day sickness. i suggest take it before you go to sleep. do not take it in the morning and upon getting out of bed, try eating dry crackers. munch on dry crackers when you feel like throwing up. for me, all those all day sickness were there until the end of my 1st trimester. eksakto sya Shine....immediately when i stepped on my 2nd trimester, i was all energetic again. What is your prenatal vitamins? maybe i can hook you up in here and ship you my extras :) its good. it has this DHA formula which can help in the development of your baby's brain and eyes.

Rene David said...

Congrats on your new License. Welcome to the Speedway... where you get to encounter a lot of people who drives like idiots.:-)

Sunshine Sangalang said...

claudine - i take calcium carbonate and folic acid. sige nga, padala mo sakin. ano ba yan?

JC Sobejana said...

It's Prenate DHA I've been taking that Prenatal Vitamins simula pa lang ng aking pagconceive and until now I've been taking it. It has a stool softener ingredient which is a plus. kase most of the time kapag buntis ka eh constipated ka 'coz of the iron content you are taking. oh diba...8mos na ako pero soft and regular pa ang elimination pattern ko. Ask your doc if you can take that vits. Let me know and I will send them to Donna on July when she comes to the Phils. Why are you taking Ca? Do you lack Ca? If you dont like drinking milk, try yogurt...it has more Ca content.