Monday, July 28, 2008

Kanin Club

I should post this in the review section but I wanted it to cross-post in my other blog.

I saw this place a long time ago at Westgate. Since Leo and I frequent the area (Cafe Breton--our sometimes default eating place if we can't think of anything else), we always see the restaurant with lots of people. We never thought of eating there (we aren't adventurous eaters) until I saw the good reviews in some egroups that I frequent.

Leo was the first one who managed to try out the place. He said that the food was nice but there's too many people and it's difficult to get a table. Everytime I would invite him to eat there, he's hesitant because of too many people in the place.

Since it's Carlo's (Leo's cousin) last day today before he returns to the US tomorrow, we (he, Papa and I) decided to eat out as some sort of despedida for him. Papa suggested Westgate and I suggested Kanin Club. Carlo was laughing at the name but I told him he shouldn't judge the place by its name as I've heard good reviews about it.

Fortunately, we were able to secure a table but since it was our first time, it took awhile for us to order. Carlo, being the vegetarian that he is, ordered their vegetarian fare, adobong kangkong and brown rice while I ordered the Sinigang na Sinangag, Crispy Pata and Ensaladang Kangkong for me and Papa (I ordered Papa not to eat the fat).

I was actually excited to try their Sinigang na Sinangag (or was that Sinangag na Sinigang?). It's rice that tastes exactly like Sinigang and it has the "sahog" of Sinigang as well! It was absolutely DELICIOUS! Puwede na siyang ulam as in! Imagine, the rice has tempura kangkong, eggplant, labanos, tomatoes like a regular sinigang but there's no soup! As in, ang sarap! Try it! Try it!

The Crispy Pata is ok, I've had better but it went well with the Sinigang na Sinangag.

For dessert, we had turon with corn ice cream. According to Carlo, it's really good but I didn't like that the turon had ube, macapuno and red beans in it together with the banana. Ugh. I wish it was only banana and langka and then fried with brown sugar. Yumyum. Corn ice cream was the topping and the good thing about it was that it doesn't taste like corn!

I think they have another branch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Don't know if there is any in the north area. So in case you're in the south, do try the restaurant out. It's really worth the trip.


Carlo Balikbayan de la Rama said...

yeah they should change their name

romeo macapobre said...

ang liit ng place di kami magkasya .. food was ok ..

Ivy Tan said...

na curious naman ako. will try next time i am in alabang. funny nga their name =)

Norrie Blackeby said...

Just reading this makes my mouth water! I think you should be a restaurant critic. Sinigang is my favourite dish ever. What else do they serve then?

Sunshine Sangalang said...

tita norrie, they have dinuguan rice and other filipino food. yumyum

Norrie Blackeby said...

Next time take photos so your review is a complete experience (well sort of!). Also give them points from 1-5 or star rating!!!! I love reading restaurant/food reviews.

Joelle Horca said...

Santa Rosa was the 1st. =)

The best dessert was the sticky rice with mango ==> bests that of People's Palace hands down.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hmmm....sticky rice with mango. sige, i'll try that next time. :)