Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dark Knight

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
The point that I had to go to the restroom twice throughout the movie does not distract me from the fact that this movie is absolutely great. It surpasses even it's predecessor, Batman Begins.

Though there has been a lot of hype on Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker, maybe I'll give in that he did a credible job. He's absolutely scary everytime he speaks and he licks his scars during pauses. The point that his make-up is smeared and not perfect adds to his menace. I don't know why they have to always reiterate how he got his scars. I think I heard it thrice during the movie. Maybe they want to push the fact that the Joker is demented and as Alfred pointed out, there are criminals who doesn't need a reason to be criminals.

I love Batman's motorcycle and how agile that piece of machine is. I also loved it when Batman jumped off the building in Hongkong and glided to the other building. Seeing those bat wings in flight makes one feel nostalgic.

I'm sure the series will not end here and I don't know when the next movie will be shown. I hope they won't have to wait for 3 more years to show the sequel and I hope no one in the cast has to die. I don't know who will replace The Joker now that Heath Ledger has passed away but he sure has big shoes to fill.

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MommyBa YaYaBa said...

The Dark Knight caught me by surprise. I was impressed and I loved the movie too. It was worth it :)