Saturday, August 09, 2008

16 weeks

I had my monthly check-up today and Mommy and baby are doing fine. My doctor has a small doppler in the office so we heard the baby's heartbeat.

I lost another pound in the last couple of weeks. I guess that's ok as of now so I have the leeway to gain the pounds on my last trimester. My doctor only wants me to gain 10 lbs ever since I started my pregnancy. I've already lost 5 lbs since then so I guess I can gain 15 now. Haha! :)

I feel better than ever and feel I'm not pregnant except for my expanding stomach and my frequent urge to pee. Sleeping straight is already difficult as I wake up early morning with my bladder bursting. The constipation has also started. I spent the last 2 hours in the bathroom trying to poop but nothing comes out. I already ate pineapple chunks tonight and tomorrow morning, I'll be sharing Leo's oatmeal. Hopefully that will do the trick.

My doctor berated me though for not eating when I'm hungry. Last Monday and Tuesday, I came home at 10PM and was too tired to eat dinner. Well, I ate a bit but not enough. Same thing happened yesterday night. When Leo picked me up at ATC, my stomach was really churning as I was so hungry. My OB told me to bring cheeses to the office and yougurt so I have something to chew/drink when I'm hungry. I don't really have my appetite back maybe that's why I'm not too keen on eating. At least there's no more vomiting.


JC Sobejana said...

on your 2nd tri...everything will be alright. you'll feel 100x better. you won't feel the urgency to urinate anymore except on the 3rd tri na. you'll have lots and lots of appetite. i remember yung 1st tri ko lahat ng fav ko ayaw kong kainin...even chocolates kase i dont have any as in any appetite but i did not lose lbs because i try to eat kahit ayaw ko...kawawa kase baby ko kaya ayan lumaki ng dambuhala. on my 2nd tri OMG, lamon to death but still i watch what i eat...i dont want to gain beyond the normal wt gain of a preg woman. besides, im afraid baka mahirapan din akong ipanganak sya....which is nahirapan nga din ako. hahaha! yah, follow what your doc told you. yougart is a good sub for milk (since you dont drink milk).

MommyBa YaYaBa said...

good to know that you and the baby are doing great!!! at least that's one good news i heard this week :)


Ivy Tan said...

lets meet up soon
i want to see a very preggy you hehehehe

Norrie Blackeby said...

Prunes do the trick than anything I know.

Nonie David Carluen said...

do you have prune juice in rp?

Sunshine Sangalang said...

we do but i don't like the taste. so i just eat pineapples every morning and evening and oatmeal during mornings. it helps.