Sunday, August 03, 2008

Together Forever, Finally!

I saw this at my friend Joelle's blog and I knew I have to post this here as well.

Last Friday, my colleagues at work and I were chatting about Rick Astley's concert and how Roderick Paulate used to emulate him in his shows either with Vilma Santos or Carmi Martin. From the voice up to the dance moves, he's definitely Rick Astley (well of course, Rick Astley is paler in skin color compared to him).

Of course, somebody just had to have Roderick Paulate guest at Rick Astley's concert, much to the fans' excitement and amusement.


lady cess said...

uy thanks for sharing! i love it! hinihintay ko talaga to. im sure dick went there not only because he remains a fan, but also bec he knows he is expected by the whole nation to be there =D

jb virata said...

that is the coolest video. I keep going back to watch it.