Sunday, October 19, 2008

Childbirth Classes

We had our second session of our childbirth classes yesterday. Since Leo just arrived from Jakarta yesterday morning, he did not join me as he hasn't slept yet. Fortunately, there were three other women there without partners so I did not feel left out.

The classes are really informative and one can really learn a lot. I treasure the exercises that I learned to relieve lower back pain and our exercise ball here at home is my new favourite chair. We were also taught breathing techniques to get through the contractions during labor--one I hope that I would remember when my actual labor happens.

I'm already on my 26th week and my third trimester is fast approaching--the last stretch of my pregnancy. I'm very excited to meet this baby that's making his presence felt more each day. The movements are getting more pronounced and the kicks are getting stronger. I can feel his movements more during morning and before I go to sleep each night. He's pretty well-behaved as when I ask him to rest (especially when I'm going to sleep), he follows my suggestion. I hope he's this well-behaved when he comes out.

We still haven't finished shopping for the baby. One of Leo's maternal aunts was kind enough to send us a Graco car seat/carrier. We still kept it inside the box as it'll be three more months before we can use it. I think we can find a stroller that will match the car seat and probably the crib will match as well. Nothing like a matched set to keep the OC in me and Leo happy.

We were at Town Center this morning and we kept passing by the Baby Couture store. There was this diaper bag (blue, brown and white stripes) that I've always kept my eye on but was having second thoughts of buying. Maybe because I'm hoping that someone will give it to me as gift (hint hint hint!). :) Anyway, I can always buy it last minute as it's not a big purchase anyway.

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agnes bonnie said...

So happy to see you, Mommy Sunshine! I really love your wedding album!