Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I freaked when I heard the news. David Cook...here...in...Manila. Where I can finally see him face to face (of course, depending which seats I will get. Hah!). Oh joy oh joy!

Here's the link:


If you check the link, his concert will be on JANUARY 27, 2009....

JANUARY 27, 2009


My due date is on January 24th!!! Aaaargggghhh!!!!

If God wants me to watch David Cook then my baby will be born early. If my baby comes on time, then I guess it's just something that I have to accept but I will surely mourn the missed opportunity. Though how much I love David, my baby comes first, of course.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Kanin Club

I should post this in the review section but I wanted it to cross-post in my other blog.

I saw this place a long time ago at Westgate. Since Leo and I frequent the area (Cafe Breton--our sometimes default eating place if we can't think of anything else), we always see the restaurant with lots of people. We never thought of eating there (we aren't adventurous eaters) until I saw the good reviews in some egroups that I frequent.

Leo was the first one who managed to try out the place. He said that the food was nice but there's too many people and it's difficult to get a table. Everytime I would invite him to eat there, he's hesitant because of too many people in the place.

Since it's Carlo's (Leo's cousin) last day today before he returns to the US tomorrow, we (he, Papa and I) decided to eat out as some sort of despedida for him. Papa suggested Westgate and I suggested Kanin Club. Carlo was laughing at the name but I told him he shouldn't judge the place by its name as I've heard good reviews about it.

Fortunately, we were able to secure a table but since it was our first time, it took awhile for us to order. Carlo, being the vegetarian that he is, ordered their vegetarian fare, adobong kangkong and brown rice while I ordered the Sinigang na Sinangag, Crispy Pata and Ensaladang Kangkong for me and Papa (I ordered Papa not to eat the fat).

I was actually excited to try their Sinigang na Sinangag (or was that Sinangag na Sinigang?). It's rice that tastes exactly like Sinigang and it has the "sahog" of Sinigang as well! It was absolutely DELICIOUS! Puwede na siyang ulam as in! Imagine, the rice has tempura kangkong, eggplant, labanos, tomatoes like a regular sinigang but there's no soup! As in, ang sarap! Try it! Try it!

The Crispy Pata is ok, I've had better but it went well with the Sinigang na Sinangag.

For dessert, we had turon with corn ice cream. According to Carlo, it's really good but I didn't like that the turon had ube, macapuno and red beans in it together with the banana. Ugh. I wish it was only banana and langka and then fried with brown sugar. Yumyum. Corn ice cream was the topping and the good thing about it was that it doesn't taste like corn!

I think they have another branch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Don't know if there is any in the north area. So in case you're in the south, do try the restaurant out. It's really worth the trip.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Year Anniversary

Leo and I are planning our First Year Anniversary celebration. Is there anywhere that we can go that does not entail getting there by plane? Where the travel time will not exceed 4 hours?

Tagaytay is already out of the question. We're there almost once a month and though we haven't explored it that much, we would prefer to go somewhere else.

Leo has been harping on Subic or Clark, but I don't know what else to do there. Any other suggestions?

Oh, and no beaches please (as much as possible!).

New Glasses

In preparation for the time that I won't be able to wear contacts during my pregnancy, I bought a new pair of glasses. Leo was teasing me that we're beginning to look alike (he has the same type of glasses) and that I'm beginning to look my twin sister as well (she also has black rimmed glasses!).

So, here was my pair before:

And my new pair now. It's not really that lopsided. I just twisted my head and the glasses sort of skewed. Heh.

So, what do you think?

The Dark Knight

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
The point that I had to go to the restroom twice throughout the movie does not distract me from the fact that this movie is absolutely great. It surpasses even it's predecessor, Batman Begins.

Though there has been a lot of hype on Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker, maybe I'll give in that he did a credible job. He's absolutely scary everytime he speaks and he licks his scars during pauses. The point that his make-up is smeared and not perfect adds to his menace. I don't know why they have to always reiterate how he got his scars. I think I heard it thrice during the movie. Maybe they want to push the fact that the Joker is demented and as Alfred pointed out, there are criminals who doesn't need a reason to be criminals.

I love Batman's motorcycle and how agile that piece of machine is. I also loved it when Batman jumped off the building in Hongkong and glided to the other building. Seeing those bat wings in flight makes one feel nostalgic.

I'm sure the series will not end here and I don't know when the next movie will be shown. I hope they won't have to wait for 3 more years to show the sequel and I hope no one in the cast has to die. I don't know who will replace The Joker now that Heath Ledger has passed away but he sure has big shoes to fill.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hay Naku!

Today was the first time I was this stressed ever since I learned I was pregnant.

Ever since those 2 blue lines came out on my pregnancy test, I was really taking it easy. I made it a goal to leave the office by 6PM and my wonderful mother-in-law ensured that that would happen (she picks me up from work and I don't dare make her wait for me. Nakakahiya!). However, today was horribly draining.

It started off with the one-on-ones that I did with some of my officers. We discussed their first half performance and thought of ways for them to make their second half performance better. I think what really made it draining was that I did 6 in a row today (only took a break for lunch). I never realized that I invested my whole self in those talks. As their manager, I had to be sincere (which I am!) that I care for their well-being and for the growth of their career. My throat is sore from all the talking and coaching that I did. Some of them were scared already with all the changes and I had to reassure them that they are fine and that they are good at what they do (which they are! I'm so proud of my team. *sniff*). I made it a goal that they all left the room feeling better about themselves and encouraged them to do even better this second half.

To top that off, I had to make the announcement on several organizational structure changes. Everyone was shedding a tear (even me included), although there were a lot of laughing, ribbing and teasing in between. I will have 4 people leaving my team, albeit it would only be temporary, but they will be sorely missed. I'll be temporarily losing 3 good people and permanently the other one. I know this is something beyond my control and I look forward to the time when they will return to my fold. This was the most difficult decision that I have ever made in my career as a manager and I did not hesitate to share this with them and with my boss. I know that there will be other challenges that will come my way and I hope I will be  stronger (and hopefully less stressed) when that happens.

Oh and when I thought the day was over, another department gave me an account which was endorsed by the business and which they WANT to be approved today. Being beyond our country's delegation, we had to send it all the way to our boss in the region who in turn declined it. So my bosses and I were on a conference call explaining to our regional boss about the account and he gave us suggestions on how to go about it. Then, we had another conference call with the business head who wanted the account approved and we were arguing for the next 10-15 minutes about it. We were going in circles until finally my boss stepped in, said a few choice words and ended the call.

When I got back to my workstation, I felt that every juice was squeezed from me. I was literally hanging by a thread and just one more incident will push me over the edge. Good thing my mother-in-law texted me that she's already done with her appointment and will pick me up. Thank God!

So here I am, ogling the pictures of my new niece (congrats Claudine and Jeff! Betsin is just a beautiful chubby cute little girl!) and trying to get the day out of my system. I still have one more interesting news to break tomorrow but I have higher hopes that it will be less stressful than this one. I already have a spiel which I will use for the person involved and I hope it'll really turn out better than I would expect.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Good Manager Is...

Never have my management skills been challenged as it is being done now. I have postponed making my decision and racked my brains trying to find the perfect solution. I've consulted my father-in-law (once my MBA professor and who taught me the basic rudimentary of good management skills) and my husband (para naman may use yung MBA degree niya. Hehe). Though we came up with something, it's not anything I'm really happy or would push through with.

My main problem is that my boss is forcing me to give up 3 of my people to another department without replacing them. The plan was this should only be short term. Unfortunately, we have different definitions of short term. I define short term as 1-2 months. He defines short term is 1 to 2 years!

My main concern has already been addressed, which is the business should be aware that I lack the manpower and they should not go after me if my TAT gets worse. Now I have to make the difficult choice of choosing the people.

What complicates the whole thing is that the department that needs the people is not a popular unit. When I used to be in my people's place, I always dreaded the time that we will have to be assigned to that unit and that usually happens if the market is not doing well--which unfortunately is now. In my 8 years in the business, this is the first time I've seen the market floundering and it's a bit scary.

My father-in-law suggested that I should ask for volunteers first--actually that was my first thought as well. But I already have an inkling that no one would volunteer. Most of my people came from that department and they left because they've had enough. Unfortunately, my boss wants them because they're the ones with the experience and would need minimal training. Worse, some of these people are my top performers.

I know I can't postpone making this decision as he wants these 3 people by August 1 and that's next week. I already have a nagging headache trying to wrack my brains the whole day for an acceptable solution or the best way for me to sell the proposition to them. I love my people and I know how difficult their place is right now.

I can only just pray and hope that the decision I make will not haunt me for the rest of my professional life.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buy New Contact Lenses

Start:     Jul 20, '09
Just a reminder to myself. I always tend to forget when I bought my last lenses. This one is good for a year, so before next year, I should buy the next pair.

First Wedding Anniversary

Start:     Sep 1, '08
We're planning to go out of town to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. But since I'm expecting, we don't intend to go very far or one that would take a plane to get to. We'll just play it by ear.

Next pre-natal check-up

Start:     Aug 9, '08 10:00a
Location:     Asian Hospital

Diabetes and Thalassemia Free

I got the results of my blood tests yesterday. I'm happy to say that I'm diabetes and thalassemia free! Yay!

However, this doesn't mean that I can indulge as much sweets as I want. I still have to keep them in moderation. I don't plan to eat too much though and I still keep away from softdrinks and iced teas. At least I can have my favourite fruit shakes now. Mwah mwah mwah. I missed you, my mango shake.

The low hemoglobin in my blood was due to iron deficiency. After I finish my folic acid, my doctor already prescribed other pre-natal vitamins, one which has iron. She also told me to take fish oil which supposedly will make the baby smarter.

My next ultrasound will be on my 24th week. By then, we'll know my baby's gender. That's hmmm..11 weeks or 3 months from now. Leo wants to get a 4-D ultrasound but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the rest of my 2nd trimester.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Qs

My friend, Mommyba tagged me to do this. And I think it's fun. Here goes...

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
- Working for Infodyne, Inc. My first internet service provider.

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?
* visit my doctor (done)
* post about my blood tests (done)
* watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
* give up sugar
* type up the minutes of meeting

3. Snacks I enjoy
- pizza, fruits, ice cream (bawal na. huhu), Big Chill's fruit shake (bawal na rin)

4. Place where I lived
Lemme see:
Malate, Manila
BF Homes, Paranaque City
San Antonio Village, Makati City
Mandaluyong City
Muntinlupa City

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire
- Pay all my debts
- Buy houses and condos and rent them out
- Put up a trust fund for our children
- Put up a scholarship fund for other children who can't afford to go to school
- Be a full-time stay-at-home mom
- Travel the world

6. People I want to know more are Jenny, Rowena, Cess, Max, Allan, Ivy, Ri and others who would want to volunteer. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blood Tests

I got my blood test and urinalysis results today.

Let's start with the good news:

White Blood Count - Normal (high)
Red Blood Count - Normal (high)
Red Cell Distribution Width - Normal (high)
Rapid Plasma Reagin - Nonreactive
HEPA A/B - Negative (although there's no Antibody meaning I'm not immunized against it)
Urinalysis - nothing out of the ordinary

Bad news:

My Mean Cell Volume (MCV) and Mean Corpuscular Hgb (MCH) are low which is an indication of Thalassemia which my doctor says excessive bleeding. I was surprised as I don't really experience that much bleeding (well, papercuts sucks but they clot quickly). She also said that it is hereditary. If both my husband and I test positive for it, our baby might have it so we have to tell the attending pedia during birth to be extra-careful with the baby.

My blood sugar is high. Normal is 7.2 but my result was 7.7. My doctor already suspected this that was why she had me take the Oral Glucose Challenge this early in my pregnancy. Before I got pregnant, I was already diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and those with such a condition are known to have abnormal sugar levels. Fortunately, I was tested normal for my sugar early this year. Now that my sugar has risen, my doctor ordered me to take another test -- 3 hour 100g oral glucose tolerance test. I really hate this test. I previously had the 2hr 50 g test and that sucked. I have to drink this really sweet orangy thing and they had to take blood from me 3 times. With the 3 hour test, they will have to extract blood from me 4 times! And I have to stay in the hospital for 3 hours!

This test will prove if I'm considered diabetic. Right now, my doctor told me to already avoid simple sugars (meaning no cakes, ice cream, pastries, softdrinks, fruit juices/shakes...basically anything sweet). Later on, they'll probably modify my diet to even avoid food that allowed for diabetics.

Oh well, at least the doctor was able to detect it this early.

On a happier note, I had another ultrasound yesterday where the baby's nuchal transluscency was measured and to check for am an early indication for any abnormalities. Thank God that the results are normal.

During the ultrasound, we saw that baby is fully formed. We could see the head, hands, arms, legs and butt! His/her arms were flailing around and was even kicking. Measurement from head to rump is 51.23 mm with 148 beats/minute. The placenta is located anteriorly and not anywhere near the cervix.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

11 Weeks and Counting

I'll be starting the 11th week of my pregnancy next week. The nausea is still there. Just an hour ago, I threw up my dinner of soup and a few grapes. I was already feeling nauseous before dinner so I didn't eat too much. Good thing though as it did not make throwing up too much painful as I only consumed liquids.

Leo was quite alarmed at the color though when he saw our toilet. It was violet and orange! He thought I was having some sort of internal bleeding. If I could laugh, I would've doubled over but taking pity on him, between the hurlings I told him it was due to the grapes and Tropicana. That somehow calmed him a bit and he cleaned up after me and made sure I drank water.

Weirdly enough, I felt much better. Since I knew I have to eat something, I asked for a Big Mac and he had it delivered from McDonald's. I hated the smell of fries though so he ate that.

Speaking of which, a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't bear the smell of vinegar. When I had dinner, our lanai smelled as if something was rotting! I looked around and traced it from the vinegar. I had Leo smell it and he said it didn't smell different. I only managed to tolerate the smell, thank God, after a week of misery. I love the sour taste of vinegar and not being able to use it as a sauce would be sadenning.

I'm starting to show though .Actually when I wake up in the morning, my stomach is not that big but once I start eating, I really expand. I can now fully see the scar from my laparoscopy on my belly button. I'm starting to rub Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion on my tummy to hopefully minimize the stretchmarks. I'll be visiting my doctor on Friday to check on my blood test results. I really do pray that my blood sugar is still normal.

Just another four more weeks and I'll be done with my first trimester (tama ba ang bilang ko?). People are saying that the second trimester is the best period of a mother's pregnancy. I am so looking forward to that.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I finally gave in and availed of my car plan benefit. I refused to avail it at first as with the gas prices and toll getting home, I didn't find it beneficial. I find commuting more cost-effective.

However, one of the cars here at home already needs a replacement so Leo asked me to get a car. After canvassing, we decided on a Honda City 1.3 CVT colored alabaster silver. According to the salesperson, it's fuel-efficient--like a Vios. But Vios was more expensive.

Leo does not believe on naming cars but I want to call my first car Binky. I don't know why I came up with that name, but I like it. Binky.

I love my new car (even if I won't be able to drive it as much), especially the radio. I'm very easy to please thus I was overjoyed when I saw that the radio is USB-capable--meaning I can plug in my USB with songs and the radio can play it. Nifty! I plugged in my USB when I took the car home and it played the songs stored there! I haven't tried it but if I plug in my Ipod shuffle, it'll probably play it too! Nice! And it has a remote control too! Weeee! (shucks, ang babaw ko. Hahaha!)

There are other features but I'm not interested much in them. Hehe. I'm just happy with the radio. As long as it's an automatic and it gets me where I needed to go, I'm fine.