Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Little Things

My husband and I have been married for barely two years and had a baby just a couple of months ago but I could say that we're still IN love. But first, let us keep love in the context that my husband and I know it to be.

People have different definitions of love. Just watch television and you'll no doubt see that love has been commercialized to be loud with grand sweeping gestures proclaiming the guy's "love" to the whole world. Love is supposedly roses, dates in posh places, diamond rings and expensive gifts. It's proposing your love in a field of roses or across a building with your lady love peering out and looking at your row of placard hearts. I'm not saying that these things are wrong. In fact, my husband gave me roses, had dates at posh places, gave me a diamond engagement ring (an heirloom at that) and got my own share of expensive gifts. But we don't credit those things for keeping our love alive.

When I was pregnant, he really took care of me. He held me during the worst of my morning sickness and catered to my every whim without complaint. He willingly arranged his schedule just to accommodate my requests (that's not a small thing for him. My husband is a creature of habit and sticks to his schedule as much as possible). He gave me back rubs and accompanied me to my monthly OB visits and attended childbirth classes with me.

When I gave birth, he got up with me during the 2AM feedings and most of the time, he would just tell me to sleep and he'll handle the baby himself (but we only survived like this for 2 to 3 weeks until we called in the big guns--our heavensent yaya!). When I was having chills in the middle of the night, he would wake up and wrap me in his arms until the shivering subsided or I fell asleep. He took me out at least once a week to have lunch outside.

Its the little and constant things that have kept our love alive. It's knowing that my husband is always there for me and our son. The "romantic" gestures have subsided but the love still remained.


lady cess said...

i so agree, those little things keep the love alive! your husband is very sweet!

cpsanti said...

;-) this is really sweet. hope you two stay happy!