Friday, March 06, 2009

RIP Mr FrancisM (1964-2009)

Basti's yaya and I were watching Wowowee (well, I was half-watching as I was finishing my cross-stitch piece) when Willie Revillame broke the sad news and asked for one minute of silence. I forgot my stitches as I looked at the TV shell-shocked. I was very much surprised as based on the news reports, he was on the mend from his leukemia treatment and I didn't even know he was in the hospital (when you're at home with nothing to do while your baby sleeps except watch TV, cross-stitch and surf the net, you can pick up a lot of things).

I immediately switched the channel to Eat Bulaga (where he used to be a regular co-host) but it seems it was Vic Sotto who announced the news first. I turned on my laptop to reconfirm the news and get more details and and abs-cbn news also confirmed it. Francis Magalona succumbed to pneumonia. He's 44 and survived by his wife Pia and their 8 children.

Most of the Philippine's blogworld must be posting about this right now and I will surely add my thoughts.

Mr FrancisM was part of my growing-up years. I remember seeing him at Bagets 2 and his songs made me proud to be a Filipino. Which Filipino or even Fil-Am does not know the legendary song/rap "Mga Kababayan"? I was in High School when his "Cold Summer Nights" song came out and I remember memorizing that song including the rap parts (it's been cold summer nights girl I really miss you rock my world wanna touch you and kiss me it's my fault i never called you at home i'm on the phone wishing you could call i'm all alone--see! and i did not even have to search the lyrics over the internet...well probably just the last part. hehehe!) And his "Kaleidescope World" song has a very good message and is somehow an anthem of the Filipino youth.

I also remember watching him in MTV Asia when he was a VJ there (I believe he was their first VJ) and he can really connect to his audience. Sadly, I was not able to watch him much in Eat Bulaga but I remember him more for his music. I can still remember when he sang with Parokya ni Edgar in one of their Inuman Session numbers (I believe the song/rap was The Yes Yes Show) and who could forget Bagsakan with Gloc9?

Francis Magalona's legacy is that he is VERY proud to be a Filipino. If he doesn't rap or sing about it, he wears it. Yes, he owns a shirt company which features the Filipino flag or design. It's something that a Fil-Am would buy and bring home to the States. I have a lot of Fil-Am friends and relatives who would want shirts which proudly proclaims "I'm from the Philippines" and his shirts definitely do that. I'll definitely go to Festival Mall tomorrow and buy one of his shirts (it's in the 4th level beside the Jollibee store near the cinemas).

Rest in Peace Mr FrancisM. You made me proud to be a Filipino. Something that our leaders have failed to do.

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