Monday, March 02, 2009

The Pacifier

I've always had this aversion to pacifiers. I can't remember why. When a friend gifted my son a pacifier, I just politely smiled and when she left, I put it aside with no intention whatsoever of using it.

When our yaya went for her monthly day-off yesterday (it was her birthday last Saturday and she returns today), Leo and I were left to take care of Basti. I don't mind as it's the time that we can bond with our son. However, by mid-afternoon we were both edgy as the baby hasn't slept the whole day. He would take naps but each nap would only last 30 minutes the most. A far cry from his usual 2-3 hour naps. We nervously took him to church with us and I was thankful that he slept most of the time.

We did our usual night time routine for the baby and he would sleep after the feeding but he would wake up 30 minutes after. By 9PM, Leo and I agreed that I would take the first watch and he'll take the second--this in case the baby would not settle. We we're praying that he would sleep as he hasn't slept the whole day. However, we read in the baby book that an over-tired baby would have difficulty falling asleep.

While Leo was sleeping, I breastfed Basti and watched as he was lulled off to sleep. I laid him on my chest while I slowly lied down on the bed. I told myself that if he would sleep like this for an hour then I'll put him on his crib and thank God that he did! While the baby slept, Leo got up and persuaded me to use the pacifier. In the whole day that we've been taking care of Basti, he noticed that the bottle lulls him to sleep and he ends up not drinking the formula. I reluctantly agreed after he listed down the pros and cons that he found over the net with the pros outweighing the cons.

I'm glad I agreed to it as Basti slept for 3 hours straight last night only to wake up for feeding, and he's still asleep until now after a 530AM feeding. I don't know if the pacifier really did the trick but I would try it again if it would mean calming him down.

Now, if I can just remember why I don't like it in the first place.


Nonie David Carluen said...

somehow someone must have started a rumour that it will affect the child's teeth formation. i kept it away from christine too and then i thought - bugger it - if it pacifies her which means it pacifies me too - so be it.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

yeah, i think that was it. it must be a rumour as it was not listed as a con.

JC Sobejana said...

for me i try to lessen using pacifier on Maddie for i believe it will affect Maddie's teeth fornation and her speech,

btw, i also notice when a baby sleeps on a family bed or on your chest, arms etc....whenever you move, the baby wakes up it is best sa crib sya matulog. that's why si Maddie at 2 months she already sleeps through the night kase sinanay ko sya sa crib,

Norrie Blackeby said...

I like the way you SWOT the situation before you agreed to do it--it's called participative management (remember your MBA?) LOL!!! Horses for courses lang yan--whatever works.

Joelle Horca said...

I'm so grateful that Andre never needed a pacifier. Wasted the Avent pacifer that I had purchased humph... Just make sure that you get a "flat pacifier" so that it doesn't affect palate development. =)

Sunshine Sangalang said...

yep, we'll ensure basti won't use it as much. we'll continue to sooth him the old-fashioned way but if worse comes to worse...then pacifier.

claudine, basti has his own crib. as much as possible, we let him sleep there as i don't want him to sleep with us. one reason, we're both scared that we'll roll over him and we don't get to sleep well.

Rene David said...

I remember your lola would hum a tune while putting your titas to sleep when they were basti's age. You have a good voice. Try doing it.

JC Sobejana said...

correct i have the same reason too.... continue on doing that.